Our Five Favorite Nashville Coffee Shops


Most of us start every morning with coffee. And, while traveling, aim to find the best local shops to get our morning cup.

In recent years, Nashville has cultivated quite the java scene.

It seems that new local shops are opening up on every corner - and no one's complaining about it.

For those visiting Nashville or simply looking for the best Nashville coffee, check out these places:


1. Retrograde Coffee


One of the newest shops on this list, Retrograde Coffee brings a superb cup to their counter.

The shop brews with beans from the tested Onyx Coffee Lab to give one of the best pours in town.

Their cold brew is by far my favorite in Nashville - you've gotta get out there any try it.

The shop also brings quite a menu for those looking to pair their cup of coffee into a full meal.

They've also teamed up with Early Eats Food Truck to bring breakfast each morning.

I'm also a big fan of Art Deco architecture and design, which they nailed.


2. Barista Parlor - East Nashville


When asked “What coffee shop should I go to in Nashville?” most people will say Barista Parlor as one of their top choices.

The coffee’s good.

The food’s from Five Daughters Bakery.

They only play music from a Vinyl and a Record Player that is hooked up to speakers throughout the location.

And you can't forget about the beautiful motorcycles decorating the entry.

Barista takes former auto-shops and turns them into a unique coffee experience.

Nothing really beats the vibe that Barista Parlor gives.


3. Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea


With literal ugly mugs, the coffee shop provides some perfectly crafted coffee as unique as East Nashville.

The food is delicious and with equally enticing beverages, it packs a perfect one-two punch.

It’s one of the earliest opening coffee shops in the area with it’s start time at 6 a.m. and later closing hours at 10 p.m.

Perfect for early birds and night owls, alike. 

One of my favorite attributes? All of the parking. A Nashville rarity nowadays.


4. Dose


If you pass over the black coffee and lean more towards a specialty item, then Dose is a great spot.

Dose has a multitude of options for those with an appetite.

One of the best new additions to the Dose experience is it’s Food Truck, which now delivers their quality coffee to your special events and other gatherings.

Head on over to their location on McGavock for a solid dose of Nashville coffee.


5. Bongo East


Bongo delivers great coffee with some amazing food. Its unique atmosphere is great for any time of day.

One of the most interesting parts of this location is its board game wall.

Guests can grab a game from the shelves and play for hours while they drink the home-roasted coffee.

This shop closes at 10 p.m., so this gives you time to actually finish that Monopoly game you started that morning.

Plus, it doesn't get more "classic Nashville coffee" than Bongo - a Nashville original.


Honorable Mentions:


1. The Post East


This coffee shop specializes in Gluten-Free and vegan food options so this location is one of the best spots for those options.

They create a wide array of options with coffee, smoothies and juices.

They have whatever you’re mood desires and I love having meetings here - it's relatively quiet.


2. E & B Coffee


Although their shop hasn’t opened in Nolensville yet, it does have incredible potential to become a quick favorite for Nashvillians.

E&B Coffee Roasters has been in business for years roasting for other shops and farmer’s markets.

Keep an eye out for their new home in the coming months.