How to Build a Successful Startup in Nashville


Nashville is full of entrepreneurs desiring to build an empire. The Cauble Group is one of those startup companies which has aspirations for more.

Nashville has had its share of successful businesses, but it also has plenty of failing businesses. Some big names are Gaylord Media, SunTrust’s purchase of Equitable Securities, according to Nashville Post, and hundreds of other local startups which no one has heard.

With hundreds of startups failing, there are plenty of startups that succeed. The Cauble Group has found success. The firm’s home is in Center 615. Center 615 tenants “YouScience” is one of those successful startups, according to The Tech Tribune.

Forbes came out with a list on how to be successful with a startup. They listed twenty objectives to create a powerful and successful startup. The Cauble Group uses a handful of them and they are important for anyone wanting to build a startup:

“Solve a real problem and meet real needs with your product”

Every startup should help someone. Without a demand for a product, the business will fail. The Cauble Group found a need for a quality Commercial Real Estate firm in East Nashville, so we created an important force in the community.

“Put the right team in place”

The right people with the same vision can create a successful atmosphere in the firm. The Cauble Group started with one person, Tyler Cauble. The work started growing, so the firm needed to grow as well. The right team makes things run smoother, and a good team can go a long way.

“Have signed contracts”

This is one of the most important business items anyone can start. Signed contracts protect both parties when work is agreed upon. Contracts - though most of the time unnecessary - can save anyone from unpaid work, or paid work yet to be finished.

“Create content”

This blog is a great example. The Cauble Group creates content through a blog, Instagram and other things. We brought on someone specialized in content creation in our Creative Director, Cody Uhls. This is an important and powerful tool that is necessary for any startup.

“Have fun”

Sometimes “having fun” is hard. Work becomes work. Most startups are started by entrepreneurs tired of working for other people, or simply because they want to do what they want.

It’s important to step back sometimes and appreciate what you have created. It’s important to have fun. Creating a business is challenging, but it’s one of the most exciting experiences you can have.

This isn’t the whole list, but it’s a start to the necessities of a successful startup company. We just published “Why New Nashville Businesses Fail,” and we wanted to give you more options on how to succeed in your business.

And everyone needs a good office space, so give us a call.