Perfect Winter East Nashville Cocktail Bars


Winter is upon us. Sometimes one has to brave out the cold weather for an even colder drink.

The Cauble Group loves good cocktails. So here's a quick guide to help someone find the best cocktail bar in East Nashville during the chilly months:

Two Ten Jack:

We've made it clear our love for sushi. Two Ten Jack is a great bar that is warm and cozy and will keep you full of sushi and other Japanese-inspired dishes and mixes them with a few Southern favorites. Their bar menu is full of "craft beers, wine, handcrafted cocktails, sake and shochu," according to their website.

This location is great for a relaxing time with friends and family. You can have a seat on their couches or a nice conversation at the bar.

Pearl Diver:

An easy option for great cocktails, Pearl Diver is one of the best and newest locations in East Nashville.

Get out of the cold and into a Hawaiian themed paradise. It's a perfect spot to stay warm and drink some of the best cocktails in the city.


We love a good interior, and Walden has one of the best in East Nashville.

Not only can you stay warm with an amazing cocktail, such as their Campfire Sling or the classic Old Fashioned, and take a second to take in their beautiful interior.

Walden also has some great food to keep you feeling warm and full. It's a perfect location to hang out all night no matter what season.


Attaboy is one of the most well-known and unknown cocktail bars in Nashville.

The bar is known by those actively searching, but it isn't known if you're not looking. Their one of the most unique bars in Nashville.

They don't have an official menu, but patrons go and tell the bartenders what they like in their cocktails and the bartenders create something unique for each person.

It's small, so it's perfect for a few people in that can battle the cold weather.

The Fox Bar & Cocktail Bar:

It's small.

It's cozy.

It's the perfect bar for the cold weather.

The Fox truly cares about their product and it shows in the taste of their cocktails.

The interior is something of beauty. The space is open and perfect for their entire mission and vision for their bar.

The location only holds about 50 guests, so it makes it a perfect location for a Friday night this winter. This amount of people in their space will keep the whole room warm and cozy.