Nashville Businesses Set to Open


Sometimes we can’t hold our excitement. Just like everyone else, here at The Cauble Group, we love new experiences and we enjoy seeing new businesses open around us here in East Nashville. So here are a few neighbors we hope to see joining us soon:

August Moon Drive-In - Who doesn’t love a good drive-in? We sure do. Each party gets to sit in a classic convertible and enjoy the show. The Drive-In is going to be under-dome, so it is perfect for any season. Whether it’s a hot summer night or a freezing winter afternoon, you’ll be comfortable. We love the concept and we can’t wait for it to open within the next year.

Boutique Burger Bar - Coming soon to East Nashville, this bar/restaurant is an exciting concept with multiple burgers on their menu and a multitude of beer. They specialize in “miniature gourmet burgers.” Check out their Instagram to get a sense of what you’ll see when you get there.

Stay Golden - This is an awesome venue with an impressive breakfast and lunch menu. It serves fresh-made coffee throughout the day and opens up in the afternoon for coffee-infused cocktails and brews on tap. No matter the time of day, you’ll get an amazing experience at Stay Golden. Their website gives a good view of what they are looking to achieve: “We treat coffee, food, and cocktails as equals, rather than putting one above the others. We’re looking to take something special and make it excellent, and it shows in everything that we do.”

Liberty Common - Though this isn’t in East Nashville, it’s right across the bridge into downtown, so it’s still an easy choice for incredible food within walking distance from the Eastside. Much like Stay Golden, Liberty Common is an all-day cafe and eatery, selling handcrafted coffees and cocktails. They have one of the most eye-catching interior layouts on this list, and if this article doesn’t convince you to check them out, take a second and check out their Instagram. That will surely make you want to head out when they open in December.

We’re excited about all the new businesses that are opening up, but we are really excited about these places. Each spot is unique and will bring nothing but a positive impact on the Nashville scene.

All of these places are looking to open in the upcoming months, and you can and should keep up to date on them by going to their websites, or their social media outlets. We will definitely be heading out to all of these when they open.