Client Spotlight: Launch Payroll

“We can do as much or as little as our clients want,” said John Hageman, founder of Launch Payroll.

Launch Payroll is a company specializing in a multitude of things, including Payroll Processing Affordable Care Act Solutions, HR Resources, Recruiting and Onboarding and much more. “Essentially it’s hire-to-fire,” said Hageman.

Launch Payroll isn’t some company that we have helped find real estate. They are the company that keeps track of the things here at The Cauble Group. They are how we get paid.

The company wants to be more than just your everyday payroll firm. They want to be the firm your company turns to when they need help, no matter what that help happens to be.

We handle the whole employee lifecycle,” said Hageman. “So - using Tyler (Cauble) as an example - if Tyler wants to hire somebody, he can post a job using us. After he posts the job, he can manage the application tracking, and if he finds someone he wants to hire, he can create the offer letter and run a background check. Once that is done, it’s all paperless so the W-4 is online, I-9 is online, everything is electronic. Everything is automatic using our single sign-on system, so everything filters over to payroll and from there we handle payroll, benefits and taxes.

They take care of the needs of the employee, no matter what that is. They also make it really simple for every employee to view their payroll. Launch Payroll has an “Employee Portal” where employees can go to see their paystubs, direct deposit information, benefits and any announcements the company wants to post.

Launch Payroll isn’t simply some small firm handling small businesses. They handle everyone from small businesses with just a few employees to larger companies with over 50+ employees.

“We bring big and small business together,” said Hageman. “We have clients - like The Cauble Group - that is more of a small business, and we represent some very large companies that use us for much more than just payroll.”

Launch Payroll isn’t a big firm like ADP where if someone has a complaint, they call Customer Service and they might hear back from them by the following week. Launch Payroll is a more personal firm where you have a single point of contact for any questions you may have. They strive to be the best in their business and work hard to make sure each client is happy.

Their company mission statement is “Easy to Switch, Easy to Love.”

Launch Payroll isn’t just a payroll service, it’s the only one we at The Cauble Group trusts.