DEALS Preview - D.J. Wootson

Deals, Deals, Deals by Real Estate Investors of Nashville (REIN) is an opportunity to learn where investors find deals, sell deals, and to learn about the mechanics of various sorts of deals (lease options, “fireside chats” in front of a group, and talk about deals we are seeing the the market). Plus, we have “state of the market” discussions, where we talk about the trends of the markets in Nashville and what to do to remain ahead of the curve.

Tonight, June 18, 2019, Tyler Cauble is sitting down with D.J. Wootson. In 2014, Wootson formed Titus Young Real Estate, LLC (TYRE) is a minority-owned real estate firm in Nashville, TN that specializes in five areas of focus within the industry: development, brokerage, investments, management, and residential construction. Tonight at Deals, Deals, Deals by REIN, Wootson will be discussing Residential and Mixed-Use Development, as well as the in’s and out’s of his resumé and past business ventures and how that has shaped him and his current journey with his company.

Currently, Titus Young is underway on a 4-story 24,000sf mixed-used building in Nashville, TN with 18 apartments that will feature Smoothie King and Bongo Java coffee shop as retailers. Titus Young has just recently started on a 76,000sf mixed use building with 48 apartment units for their sophomore project. In conjunction with these development efforts, Titus Young is also a residential contractor with several new homes completed and under construction.

If you want to come tonight, feel free to grab a spot getting a ticket here.