The Cauble Group Makes Nashville Business Journal’s Top Commercial Real Estate Brokerages


Once a year, The Nashville Business Journal releases a “Top 25 List” in different industries such as real estate, marketing, health care, and more.

This year, The Cauble Group was ranked 22nd in Lease Volume and 23rd in Sales Volume, earning a spot in the Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brokerages in Nashville.

Of this list, The Cauble Group is the youngest company by almost eight years. The Cauble Group was founded in February 2018 and consists of two brokers, Tyler Cauble and Alex Abram.

As a group of young and passionate millennials, our team is honored and humbled to be a part of this list. Through changing the way we buy, sell, and lease commercial real estate, our goal is to serve the community and improve our city by helping small business owners with their commercial real estate needs. We are so proud to see our efforts reflected in this list. We can’t wait to continue serving the Nashville community for years to come!