Client Spotlight: Alleviant Health

Alleviant Health Center, Brentwood

Client Spotlight

There’s no arguing Nashville is an “it” city. With a constant stream of new restaurant and entertainment concepts opening their doors, it’s no surprise Nashville residents are eager to take care of their physical health. While new gym concepts continue to establish themselves throughout our city to accommodate this need, there is another aspect of our health that is just as important; mental health. 

Alleviant Health Center provides a safe and professional environment for patients to address their mental health. Owner Crystal Koss relies on both traditional and holistic methods in order to treat a multitude of mental health issues. 

Crystal Koss, CRNA

Crystal Koss, CRNA

“We offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Ketamine infusions as some of our alternative treatments for mood disorders.  We offer Genesight testing and MethlyPro supplements as well. Our mission is to heal pain, restore hope, and regain purpose.”

In order to find the ideal space, Koss teamed up with The Cauble Group to help her with her search. 

“We needed something accessible in a clinical setting. We also needed a space that provided a safe, secure, and therapeutic environment.”

Now located at 317 Seven Springs Way, Brentwood, TN, Koss is able to provide high quality care and service.

317 Seven Springs Way, Brentwood, TN

317 Seven Springs Way, Brentwood, TN

“Our space is able to provide us with a multipurpose layout that is well lit with natural landscape for our patients to admire during treatments. It is close to the highway and restaurants for our patients' convenience. It gives our patients privacy in a secure environment with little street noise. The space is easy to locate for natives and non-natives alike.”

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