The History of Hillsboro Village

One of the trendiest parts of Nashville is the Hillsboro Village neighborhood. From coffee shops and restaurants to coveted retail, residential, and office locations, this part of town is certainly sought after. Since the neighborhood began developing in the 19th century, it has almost always been highly populated and a coveted place to live.

The History of Hillsboro Village Image - Middle TN - Vastland Realty Group

The History of Hillsboro Village Image - Middle TN - Vastland Realty Group

The Belmont-Hillsboro Area

This actually used to be part of the estates owned by Adelicia Acklen. In 1890, the oldest parts of the area began to subdivide into neighborhoods that local families began to populate. The Belmont Land Company started operating a street railway line on Belmont Boulevard in 1901. The areas surrounding the streetcar railways continued to develop as a popular suburban area to the west of the Belmont railway line. As methods of transportation ventured from the heart of the city to the Belmont-Hillsboro area, residential neighborhoods and businesses continued to grow and thrive. Hillsboro Village represented the American middle-class lifestyle from 1890 to 1940.

21st Ave S. became the busiest part of the growing area. The street became home to gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, pet shops, and bakeries. Residents of Hillsboro Village were drawn to this street as the central business district.

The Hillsboro Village area boasts a variety of architectural styles!

Ranging from cottages to bungalows, American foursquares, tudors, and also contemporary styles. In 1980, a majority of Hillsboro Village was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Only 3 miles separate Downtown Nashville and Hillsboro Village. So, needless to say, the close proximity of the neighborhood to Downtown Nashville has made it a great location for businesses and families to settle!

Hillsboro Village is located in Davidson County and is considered to be part of Nashville proper. This neighborhood is now home to well-known musicians such as Ben Folds, Mat Kearney, and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. The rich history of the neighborhood, the well-preserved architecture, and the newly renovated homes create a neighborhood with unique character. Music Row, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, and downtown are all within a couple of miles of Hillsboro Village. This means that almost everything is within close reach.

21st Ave S. continues to be the heart of the neighborhood. Therefore there are updated businesses and new retail space! These include fashion boutiques, coffee shops, dining options, the Belcourt Theatre, and the Acklen Avenue Post Office. Today, 21st Ave S. turns into Hillsboro Pike and leads directly to the Green Hills area. College students and Nashville natives alike tend to frequent Hillsboro Village for everything that it has to offer. The neighborhood has gone through many updates and transitions over the past century. However, it always finds ways to reinvent itself, while maintaining the unique and rich history from which it began. For a complete list of current shops and businesses located in Hillsboro Village, click here.