A Guide to Nashville Coworking Spaces


The changing face of how we work has created new options for where we work - Nashville coworking.

Coworking spaces are working environments shared by people employed by different organizations.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space

As more of the workforce seeks alternative employment as entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and telecommuters, coworking spaces are growing in popularity.

Nashville coworking spaces can provide a flexible work environment (and no personal guaranty!) as well as a connection to a diverse, driven community.

Even better, it gets you out of the garage or coffeehouse for a fraction (depending on your situation) of the cost of a long-term lease.

A La Carte Services

Typically, you can opt for a variety of services and only pay for what you need.

There may be tiered memberships or even hourly rates if you need only a conference room once a month.

For example, you might need three dedicated desks for yourself and two other employees, as well as receptionist services, office equipment, and a kitchen.

Or you might require only a shared desk and a mailing address.

Either way, you could find your solution in a shared work environment like one of these Nashville coworking spaces.

What You Must Consider

  1. Size of your business and number of employees: More than ten employees may be too many to make coworking efficient or cost-effective. That also depends on how the spaces are charged - Center 615 is more of a traditional “650 square foot office” listing compared to WeWork’s “10-person office.” That may not seem like a big deal, but the price difference is staggering.

  1. Hours of operation: Are they fixed or flexible? Does your schedule match the schedule of the coworking environment? Personally, I prefer 24-hour access, just in case I get that entrepreneurial itch at 1 AM (we’ve all been there…).

  1. Personality or vibe of the space: Does it lean more toward creatives? Is it an open and shared work environment or more private offices? You need to be inspired to work your best wherever you are!

  1. Cost: Can you afford it, and will it help you save money (as compared with a lease)? Be sure to do a cost / benefit analysis of being in a shared work environment compared to having your own office.

  1. Employee work habits: Will the collaborative atmosphere be embraced by your employees, or will it be too distracting? One amenity I’ve seen (and love!) in some coworking spaces are phone booths – perfect for private calls with clients.

  1. Amenities: Are amenities such as internet, snacks, or a conference room included? These are expenses that can add up in your own space that are often included at no charge (or significantly cheaper) compared to a traditional lease.

Nashville Coworking Spaces

Here’s a list of options in the Nashville area:


Now valued at over $5 billion, the coworking giant, WeWork, opened two locations this past year in Nashville: downtown and East Nashville. Your membership will provide access to both spaces and you can’t go wrong with the largest coworking business in the world. Check out WeWork’s Nashville options here.

Courtyard at Center 615

Courtyard at Center 615


A Nashville favorite, Center615 offers three different buildings (with shared access to each) in a campus-style setting on the East Side. If becoming a part of a thriving community of entrepreneurs is your thing, this option is for you. Learn more about the Center615 lifestyle here (if interested in a private office at Center615, contact me here).


Just south of Germantown, Deavor offers a convenient location without the misery of navigating downtown Nashville. Like The Refinery, Deavor doesn’t provide any private suites but they do have a production studio – something I haven’t seen provided in other spaces. See Deavor’s options here.

The Refinery, Nashville

The Refinery, Nashville

The Refinery

Located in bustling Wedgewood Houston, The Refinery offers an open work environment on an hourly basis. Whether you’re a drop-in, part-time, or full-time member, you’ll be greeted with coffee / beer and fast Wi-Fi. Find information on The Refinery’s coworking and meeting room options here.


Industrious fits right into the Gulch with its modern industrial design. While the office is well designed and Industrious offers great coworking options and amenities, I feel its overpriced for what you get and parking is a nightmare – especially for visitors. Learn more on Industrious here.

Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Nashville Entrepreneur Center

The Entrepreneur Center

I’ve been a member at the EC for nearly two years now. The ease of parking, the treadmill desk, and those delicious breakfast tacos at Little Mosko’s keep me coming back. What sets the EC apart? The ability to connect with an EC Advisor (successful, well-established entrepreneurs) in any arena of your choosing. Here are the Entrepreneur Center’s options.

Fort Houston

Fort Houston epitomizes the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood: makers and creators working together to make amazing things. As a member, you have access to a fully outfitted woodshop, metal shop, print shop, and a 3-D printer. Find your inner maker/creator here.

WELD Nashville

WELD Nashville

WELD Nashville

Similar to Fort Houston, WELD was created to serve the needs of photographers, filmmakers, and creatives. Not only does WELD have meeting rooms and event space, they also provide a natural light studio and black-light studio, as well as discounted rentals on photo and film equipment. Check WELD out here.

Offices Are Changing

Long gone are the days of the traditional office.

The private, Mad Men style corner office reminiscent of our fathers' generation is going by the wayside.

Even outside of coworking, offices are modernizing.

Coworking offers entrepreneurs a collaborative work environment to incubate their ideas without the long-term commitment.

Shared work environments are a much-needed first step into small business ownership and Nashville coworking spaces are here to stay.