NoBaked Cookie Dough to Expand throughout Nashville, Region


NoBaked Announces Expansion

A Nashville original, NoBaked Cookie Dough, has announced plans to expand throughout Nashville and beyond.

The cookie dough shop, reminiscent of a high-end ice creamery, opened their first location on West End in 2017 to a crowd lined up around the block.

Since then, NoBaked has expanded to a second location in Louisville and added a food truck for off-site events.

NoBaked has partnered with local commercial real estate company, The Cauble Group, to help oversee their corporate expansion in Nashville and franchise locations nationally.

The Story of NoBaked

The brain-child of Belmont alumna, Megan Beaven, NoBaked Cookie Dough was founded in early 2017.

Beaven took a tub of raw dough with vanilla wafers to a friend’s birthday party as a dessert dip and quickly realized how popular the treat could be.

Megan then put a website together, herself, to market her dough.

The site launched in April 2017 and it was off to the races.

About the Dough

You might be thinking, “isn’t raw dough unsafe to eat?”

And you wouldn’t be wrong.

However, NoBaked uses heat-treated flour and a proprietary, eggless recipe for their delicious dough.

Staple flavors include chocolate chip, confetti sugar, s’mores (my personal favorite).

NoBaked is also constantly experimenting with a rotating menu of special flavors.

And don’t worry if you can’t finish it all - the dough will keep in the fridge for 3 weeks or a freezer for three months.

Although you can bake also bake the dough, it’s meant to be eaten like ice cream.

No Baked Cookie Dough Nashville

No Baked Cookie Dough Nashville

The Ideal Space

Here are the parameters for a NoBaked Cookie Dough location:

  • 500 to 2,000 square feet

  • Standalone or in-line suites

  • Densely populated area with high-walkability

    • Proximity to universities, parks, public areas a plus

    • High visibility and signage

    • Easily accessed parking

    • Location on or just off of primary thouroughfares

Real Estate Expansion

NoBaked Cookie Dough has retained The Cauble Group to assist in site selection and expansion.

The shop is looking to expand throughout the Greater Nashville Area and will be selling franchises across the country.

Know of a site where you would like to see a NoBaked? Contact Tyler Cauble at