Special Considerations of Medical and Retail Tenants

If you are looking to rent a property for housing needs, there are special considerations to think of. What is the neighborhood like? How close is it to your work? Are there restaurants nearby? Did you know that there are also special considerations to think of when you are looking to rent a property for different types of businesses? For example, if someone is looking to rent space for a medical based operation, there are things that they will need to consider when looking at space. The same is true of retail businesses.

Special Considerations of Medical and Retail Tenants Image - Nashville TN - Tyler Cauble - Vastland Realty

Special Considerations of Medical and Retail Tenants Image - Nashville TN - Tyler Cauble - Vastland Realty

Commercial Real Estate For Medical Clients

Consider, for example, the different types of equipment that a medical clinic might use. X-ray machines, ultrasounds, CT-scans, MRI scans - and this list is not by any means all-inclusive. Many of these machines produce some amounts of radiation; couple that with the bio-hazardous waste that is generated, and you understand that these things need to be considered when looking for property to lease as you think about opening a medical facility. Consider also that, although many times a lease allows the lender to come in and inspect the premises if necessary, medical facilities require certain levels of privacy which are protected by law.

Another important thing to look at is accessibility for disabilities. Medical clinics are, of course, used by everyone, and it is especially important for those with special needs to be able to access the building easily. The clientele visiting medical facilities will also deter many other types of businesses – a PR firm wouldn’t want their clients walking past sick patients on the way to their office! For this reason, medical businesses tend to have buildings in medical parks near hospitals that are designed to fit their specific needs.

Look, too, at the hours of usage for certain types of medical facilities. If there are limitations that the lender needs to put on hours of operation, it might be wise to consider a different location.

Commercial Real Estate for Retail Facilities

There are also special needs to consider when looking to rent space for retailers. One of these is expansion opportunities. When you start out with a retail rental property, it is important that the space you are looking at is big enough to handle the product you plan to have available, but not too big to make it appear that you don’t have enough product to make it worthwhile to come into the building. Remember that appearance does make a difference when trying to sell a product; too much space might indicate to potential buyers that you really don’t have much of a product to sell. On the flip side of that, however, is the fact that the main goal of a business is to expand. You do want to make sure that there is room to expand when your retail business takes off.

Another consideration is how much of your budget you can afford to put towards the rental property. Although the location and look of the property are extremely important, if you can’t afford the property, you’d better not allow yourself to be persuaded to rent it anyway. You don’t want rental costs to take up all of your profits, and never lease space based on the “it’s a nicer location, therefore I will certainly get more clients.” You can’t always count on new business coming through the door simply because you’ve moved.

Ask for Expert Help

These considerations are only the tip of the iceberg and by no means comprehensive when it comes to choosing the property that’s right for your business. Why worry about finding the perfect location for your business? Call the expert - Tyler at Vastland Realty. He’ll be able to answer your questions and guide you to the right property for your rental needs.