Why You Need to Stay in an Airbnb Over a Hotel

The Nashville Airbnb market has boomed over the past few years, but it’s not only here.

It’s everywhere.

The Airbnb market has a great appeal over the hotel market to the millennial generation. Airbnb investments have grown as one of the top markets for Commercial Real Estate investors and Property Managers.

Here are a few reasons why Airbnb’s are dominating the market:

Feel like a local -

If you’re in an Airbnb, there’s a good chance you’re actually living in someone’s house. This gives a better vibe than a hotel and you don’t have to feel like a tourist. Being cozier in a home is preferred over a hotel by many, so this is obviously a big factor in the choosing of an Airbnb.

Negotiating -

Instead of dealing with a staff of people at a chain hotel, you’re typically only dealing with a single person in the case of an Airbnb. This is extremely helpful with negotiating check-in and check-out times, and a few of the rules that are typically in Airbnb requirements such as the “No Pets Allowed” option can sometimes be negotiated if you want to bring your furry friend.

More Space -

Airbnb’s are typically cheaper than hotels and you get more space. Some Airbnb’s are an entire apartment instead of a single room with two queen-sized beds in them. They are more spacious and generally much nicer than a hotel.

Cooking -

One thing often overlooked in a vacation, sometimes cooking is a convenient thing to do. Airbnb’s give you the freedom to cook in a full kitchen, rather than only having a hotel room with no possibility to cook. This is a plus for those who prefer to stay at home rather than go out to eat or those with certain food allergies that keep them from eating out.

Airbnb is the way to go, and with how times are changing, it’s easier to start making the move toward them. The Cauble Group helps pair investors to purchase Airbnb properties, and our strategic partner, Parasol, manages said properties.

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