Marketing is Key. Here's a Few Tips

Marketing is one of the biggest aspects of a company, but one highly overlooked by a majority of Commercial Real Estate firms.

Most firms don’t believe in the power of good marketing, even though it is one of the key aspects of the business.

Nashville is full of content creators, so it would be unwise to not have amazing marketing for your business. We at The Cauble Group has spent a lot of time making sure we are up to par on all of our marketing, and we wanted to share a few marketing tips that we do for everything we promote:

Photos -

Nashville is also full of amazing photographers, so iPhone photos aren’t going to cut it anymore. Good, quality photos for properties and just for normal Instagram posts are some of the easiest and most effective tools for good marketing. When something looks good, like an Instagram feed, people are more likely to stay and scroll on the page rather than click off.

Videos -

Video content is not something everyone does, but here at The Cauble Group, we try to put out as many videos as possible. We film Video Tours for our properties, Weekly Updates every Wednesday, and many other videos throughout the week.

Design -

Uniformity is key. If everything looks like it came from one person, it makes everything flow much better. When all the editing is the same, and all the content is similar, it will be easier for the consumer to view all the content. It’s also very nice when something looks pretty. When something looks nice, consumers are more adept to view your profile for longer.

Connections -

There’s no better marketing than word-of-mouth. Each person you connect with is another follower or another phone number. It’s better to go to events and market your business than putting it on the internet and hoping someone sees it.

There are a few tips we use for everything we do. The Cauble Group has grown tremendously over the past year and a half and we believe our marketing is a big role in that growth.