Client Spotlight: Life and Limb Printing

Creatives in Nashville are everywhere. There’s no shortage of options for creativity. Most wouldn’t assume creativity comes from a print service, but that’s exactly what comes from Life and Limb Printing.

Run by Mr. Adam Tanaka, Life and Limb Printing has been screen printing merchandise, apparel and a number of other things for the past ten years.

“We can screen print, we have embroidery capabilities, digital capabilities, and promotional production,” said Mr. Tanaka.

The company has traveled in the past ten years, starting in an apartment, then moving from spaces until they finally landed in a building on Dickerson Pike. Tyler Cauble from The Cauble Group helped broker the deal.

“So we started looking and got connected with Tyler (Cauble) through a mutual friend, and from there he was extremely proactive,” said Mr. Tanaka. “I didn’t expect him to just start making things happen, and he did. It took a second because I originally had until the summer to get a new space, but then was told I needed to move faster, so Tyler moved with my timeline and we probably came to this location ten times before I knew this was the spot. This location is perfect for what we do. Our production - just in the past two weeks - has doubled our efficiency and movement around the shop. That’s huge in this industry.”

The Cauble Group spends a lot of time with each client. We make sure they are happy with the space they ultimately choose.

Mr. Tanaka and the whole crew needed to upgrade their space, and we took the time to help them find the best one. Since Life and Limb Printing has been in business for ten years, they have accrued a good number of clients, such as Nashville International Airport, the Nashville Zoo and many others. The first client, however, was none other than Nashville-staple Yazoo Brewing Company.

“Yazoo was my first customer ten years ago when I started in an apartment,” said Mr. Tanaka. “They were my first customer and are still with us today. They’ve been awesome. Everybody knows Yazoo.”

The company has grown in the past ten years, it’s gone from a one-man-band in Mr. Tanaka, and grew to a handful of people including Sales Manager, Jonathan Myers.

“I’m the Sales Manager, so my day-to-day role is managing accounts with Josh, who’s our account manager,” said Mr. Myers. “We are the ones who actually bring in the business. We will all go out and do cold-calling and see clients. Today I’m dropping shirts off and picking up checks. Sometimes I get to drink beer with people. I’ve gotten to tour a packaging plant before. The other day we went to Yee-Haw Brewing and had a meeting there and drank a bunch of beer.”

The company treats every client the same, whether it’s a name like Yazoo Brewing or a single person just needing a few t-shirts, Life and Limb is going to take care of them.

“We’re moving into a more full-service type thing where we can offer glassware and more other than just apparel and all that,” said Mr. Myers. “We’re doing tote bags and I’ve done corkscrews, Viking horns, airbrush jobs, so we are doing a ton of stuff.”

Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Myers have a passion to make life easier on their clients. No matter who the client.

Mr. Tanaka spoke about the company motto and said, “I tell these guys all the time we aren’t a screen printing company, we’re a customer service company.”

Customer service is the number one priority for Life and Limb, and they make it known that whoever needs a job done, they are the ones to do it.