Coming Soon: NoBaked Germantown


NoBaked Germantown Underway

NASHVILLE, Tn. - Cookie dough sensation NoBaked has announced their second Nashville storefront to be opened in Germantown at the Germantown Market (1120 4th Ave N).

NoBaked opened their first location in Nashville last October after several months of pop-up shops around the city.

Cookie dough lovers around the city lined up day after day for the trendy dessert, and online orders from around the Southeast soared.

After seeing success in Nashville over the past several months, the company opened their storefront in Louisville, KY in March.

The group is ready to expand their local footprint with NoBaked Germantown, their third store just north of Downtown Nashville.

Of expanding their footprint in Nashville, NoBaked Owner Megan (Beaven) Feeman said,

“Expanding in the Nashville area is a perfect way for us to reach different markets than we currently do with our shop by Centennial Park. Germantown is a really great area of Nashville that doesn’t have enough dessert options, so we couldn’t be more excited to go there.”

About the Location

NoBaked Germantown will be taking over the space previously occupied by I Love Juice Bar.

The space is neighbored by Little Donkey and Vui’s Vietnamese Kitchen.

NoBaked will divide the space into two sections - half to be utilized as NoBaked and the other half will be a new dessert concept created by the owners of NoBaked.

The new NoBaked will open in September.

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About NoBaked Cookie Dough

True to its name, NoBaked is an edible cookie dough company based in Nashville, Tenn.

Founded in early 2017 by Belmont alumna Megan Beaven (now Megan Feeman), No Baked was the first company in the city to sell the popular dessert.

NoBaked uses eggless cookie dough with heat treated flour and is safe to consume as served.

Its staple flavors include Classic Chocolate Chip, Confetti Sugar, and Brownie Batter Chip.

NoBaked also serves coffee, sundaes, and milkshakes.

NoBaked Cookie Dough is represented by The Cauble Group in their real estate expansion.