East Nashville Office for Lease: 935 East Trinity Lane


It’s no secret that East Nashville is one of the hottest submarkets in the city.

Old houses are being torn down and reborn as two units; beautiful Victorians are being restored and preserved.

The eating scene is unparalleled thanks to restaurants like Urban Cowboy Public House and Two Ten Jack.

Not to mention the social life with live music at The Basement East, trivia at Three Crow, and karaoke at The Lipstick Lounge.

What else is on the rise?

Coworking space.

The eclectic vibe and innovative spirit of East Nashville thrives among the entrepreneurial community.

Opening an East Nashville office is easier than ever thanks to businesses like Sparkworks Union.

No longer must these creatives slave away alone in their homes.

Now there’s an opportunity to become part of an entrepreneurial community. To grow. To collaborate.

Here’s why you should choose Sparkworks Union for your East Nashville office space.

Sparkworks Union East Nashville

Sparkworks Union East Nashville


Sparkworks Union is located just off of Ellington Parkway on Trinity Lane.

As far as proximity to downtown is concerned (4 miles), it’s tough to beat.

Having an office under 10 minutes to downtown is a rarity nowadays thanks to Nashville traffic.

We all know it’s gotten wild out there.

And if you live in on the eastside, it’s a no-brainer to have an East Nashville office location.

The Union sits only minutes away from the hustle and bustle in Five Points, too, so there’s no shortage of restaurants and bars for those after work meetings.


You can’t top the amenities of a well-designed coworking space.

And Sparkworks Union definitely delivers.

Here are a few of the perks at the Union:

Private offices

Let’s be real here.

Having to make phone calls out in the open and share desk space with others can be frustrating.

Sparkworks Union alleviates that problem by giving you your own private suite.

You may not have your own building yet – but you’ve got your start with an East Nashville office with flexible terms.

Shared work areas

Sparkworks Union Common Area

Sparkworks Union Common Area

When you get tired of working in your office, shake things up.

Hang out and relax in one of the beautifully decorated shared working spaces around the complex.

Change your environment, change your thinking.


Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs.

You never know what could come from conversation with a neighbor.

Kitchen at The Sparkworks Union

Kitchen at The Sparkworks Union


A fully outfitted kitchen at your finger tips for you to channel your inner Fieri or heat up that leftover Chinese food.

Conference Rooms at Sparkworks Union

Conference Rooms at Sparkworks Union

High-tech conference rooms

Impress your clients with state of the art presentation technology in an expandable conference room with seating for up to 12 people.

24-hour access

Get the itch to work on a project at 7 pm on a Tuesday?

Wake up at 5 am on Saturday with the perfect idea?

Go for it – 24 hours a day.

Reception / printing / postal services

No need to run to FedEx Office anymore or deal with that printer that just always seems to leave streaks.

It’s basically the Uber for business services.

East Nashville Office Space

East Nashville Office Space

Free Parking

Where can you even find parking in Nashville anymore?

Tough to beat an open lot onsite.

And you won’t have to take out a business loan to pay for a parking spot.

Current Availability

3,300 square feet of office / retail space, private office suites, basement storage / workshop.

Ready to open up your East Nashville office?

Come take a tour of the facility today!

East Nashville Office Space

East Nashville Office Space